Travian: Fire and Sand - Unit summary Egyptians

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Travian: Legends   |   1 год.
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Travian: Fire and Sand - Unit summary Egyptians -

First published in 2004, millions of players around the world now enjoy this classic game.
Now this evergreen has been completely revised -- packing in even more gaming enjoyment.

The game's beloved principles remain unchanged: you must found a Roman, Gallic or
Teuton village and use skill and tactics to build your sleepy hamlet into a mighty empire. Just like its predecessor, you can play Travian 4 free-of-charge in a browser. The real test comes as the game progresses: establishing diplomatic contacts, reaching trade agreements and keeping your village supplied is quite a challenge.

But this Travian also has a lot of new features. Many areas have been redesigned and some elements are completely new to the Travian universe. The original version has been lovingly updated, retaining all its typical Travian charm. The detailed, colorful and varied graphics are also optimized for the game's progress, providing all information quickly and clearly.

Fans love the many new features, and a new faction now inhabits the world of Travian: The computer-controlled Natars defend their lands with steely resilience. The hero system in Travian 4 is completely revised. Players can look forward to hundreds of individual challenges and tasks with rich rewards. Players can use equipment items for themselves or go to the auction house to convert them into cash. The best way to find out what has changed in Travian 4 is to play it yourself.

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Travian: Fire and Sand - Unit summary Egyptians -