Сhill synthwave mix "Hotline Miami" synthwave, chill

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Сhill synthwave mix 'Hotline Miami' synthwave, chill - Topil.ru

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Track list:
1) 00:01 Daniel Deluxe - Darkness
2) 04:12 GrooveWorthy - Panther force
3) 08:43 Lost Years - Converter
4) 13:00 Nightcrawler - Knight rider autocruiser
5) 16:50 Stilz - Snatcher

Track name: Hotline Miami
Picture by: tonyskeor - https://www.deviantart.com/tonyskeor

Genres: synthwave, synthpop, cyberpunk, electro, retrowave, new retro wave

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Сhill synthwave mix 'Hotline Miami' synthwave, chill - Topil.ru


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