Travian 4 (Growing a 15C Guide)

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Travian 4 (Growing a 15C Guide) -

Hello everyone today im going to talk about how you can grow your 15c the fastest.
There are 3 simple ways to grow your 15 Cropper the fastest.
first you can send resources from your first village to your 15c and build it up but you will be needing high productions of resources in your first village.
second you can build croplands a lot in your 15c and NPC trade all of your crop into other resources and build up your croplands even more.
third you can raid non stop which is actually a must and get a lot of resources by raiding and making more troops.
I personally like to use all 3 tactics and get the most out of my resources.
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Travian 4 (Growing a 15C Guide) -